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Siebel 8.0 Fundamentals

Siebel 8.0 Fundamentals

What you will learn:

Siebel 8.0 Fundamentals is a two-day offering covering important Siebel application functionality. After students become familiar with navigating and working with data in the Siebel user interface, they learn about the business logic and key business entities at the heart of Siebel CRM applications. Students explore the defining features of Siebel applications, such as Siebel Sales, Siebel Call Center, and Siebel Field Service. Students explore the capabilities of Siebel automation options, such as Siebel Workflow, Assignment Manager, and Task UI. The course concludes with an overview of implementing a Siebel application, including a discussion of implementation best practices. All topics are reinforced with hands-on exercises with Siebel applications.

Learn To:
  • Navigate Siebel applications
  • Use common Siebel business entities to support company business practices
  • Use typical features in Siebel Sales, Siebel Call Center, and Siebel Field Service applications
  • Explore Siebel automation methods
  • Use best practices in a Siebel implementation project
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  • Application Developers
  • Business Analysts
  • System Analysts
  • Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Sales Consultants

Course Objectives:

  • Use Siebel Sales features, such as forecasting, global accounts, and territory management
  • Use Siebel Call Center features, such as CTI, Smart Scripts, and Service Analytics
  • Use Siebel Field Service features, such as Dispatch Board, Assets, and Warranties
  • Explore Siebel Workflow, Assignment Manager, and Task UI
  • Describe best practices for a Siebel implementation project
  • Navigate in the Siebel user interface
  • Create, delete, and modify records
  • List and describe common Siebel business entities

Course Topics:

Navigating and Working with Data in the Siebel Interface

  • Introducing Siebel CRM Applications
  • Navigating Siebel applications
  • Creating, modifying, and deleting records
  • Querying for data

Common Siebel Business Entities

  • Representing customers with Accounts and Contacts
  • Describing tasks with Activities
  • Defining sales-related objects with Opportunities and Quotes
  • Resolving customer issues with Service Requests
  • Using Siebel business entities to implement business practices

Siebel Application Functionality

  • Siebel Sales scenario: Opportunity Management
  • Siebel Sales scenario: Forecasting
  • Other Siebel Sales Features
  • Siebel Call Center: service scenario
  • Siebel Call Center features (SmartScripts, Service Analytics, Hostelling and Multi-tenancy)
  • Siebel Field Service scenario
  • Assets and Warranties

Siebel Automation and Other Application Features

  • Siebel Workflow
  • Siebel Assignment Manager
  • Siebel Task UI
  • Other features (Siebel Search, Audit Trail, Reports, iHelp, Siebel Tools)

Best Practices for Siebel Implementations

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